10″ Concave Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle


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Product Description


  • Durable metal handle.
  • Deep, concave pad for easy attachment on curved or irregular nonporous surfaces.
    (Not for use on thin, fragile materials.)
  • Red-line indicator warns user of any vacuum loss.
  • Check valve allows repumping without loss of remaining vacuum.
  • Release valve lever permits quick and complete release.
  • Eligible for Powr-Grip Exchange Program.
  • Supplied with protective carrying case.


  • Vacuum Pad: Concave, 10″ [25 cm] diameter (model G0750)
  • Minimum Radius for Curved Load: 13″ [330 mm]
  • Load Capacity: 175 lbs [79 kg] per cup

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 16 x 5 in