Weha 4″ Snail Lock Velcro Back Up Pad


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Product Description

Weha 4″ Thick Snail Lock Velcro Back Up Pads are rigid hard resin pad with super strong velcro hook and loop. This thick version is made specifically for the Park Pro Edge and Denver C Frame machines.The thicker back up pad allows the 5 Step C Frame diamond resin polishing pads to remain the same thickness as the 5 Step Graphite Pos 1 and 2 metal wheels for even polishing on the Pro Edge. Outstanding for automated machines. The Weha 4″ Thick snail Lock Velcro Back Up Pad may also be used by hand with a snail lock back up pad.

  • Strong Velcro to firmly grip the polishing pads.
  • 4″ Diameter
  • Center water displacement bar for even water spray across the stone during the polishing process

Additional Information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 1 in